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Typ av sandsäck Bulgarisk sandsäck Standard sandsäck. Massageboll , Diameter på boll 10cm. For Relaxing Travel. Fri frakt från 1—3 leveransdagar 30 dagars öppet köp. Skolvikter 25 mm.

Stock status In stock Buy. Fri frakt från 1—3 leveransdagar 30 dagars öppet köp. Your personal information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy. Set of massage balls in 3 different hardnesses for acupressure massage and trigger point release.

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Log in to My pages. The ball operates at a very effective massage technology and has a round-shaped ball — the pressure on the stiff and tense points Ausübt.

Dies ist sehrspezifisch und können schmerzhaft sein. Massage Ball 8 cm Colour: Yellow. Diameter: 8 cm.

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  • Justerbart armstöd.
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  • Colours: red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange.
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The massage ball activate s in addition to the Berührungssinnen the defence mechanisms of the body, it can make, healthy development of children and adults. O Ball Ø 65 cm and bagel ring diameter 62 x 17 cm are equipped with the Anti-Burst Birthing system and up to kg against burst safe.


Made of eco-friendly, skin-friendly material a first-class finish comes with a pump to inflate o with the bagel can be converted into the loaded gymnastics ball in create a secure platform for isometric exercises, for sitting at your desk or just as a exercise help to protection against the rolling o Gentle nubs stimulate the muscles and promote blood circulation.

Loved by children Encourage the sensory perception and soothing. Ideal for yoga, pilates, workout, fitness, gymnastics.

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O be some exercises using the bagel only possible, but even for beginners, pregnant women or older users Provides the ring safety standard exercises. A beautiful poster with exercises will be delivered at the same time using o back problems? Seat is not for you.

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Why not try the ball as an office chair made of your lumbar will thank you for it. The Bagel keeps the ball for you simply and comfortably in place Visa mer. Select Sports Ball Punktur massage ball orange set of 1 circumference 28 cm — orange Visa mer.

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Mit mehr prominente Stößen stärker als die Standard-Orb. Multidirektionales Rolle für fokussierte Massage. Deep Tissue Massage verringert Ermüdungserscheinungen der Muskulatur und enge, fördert die Beweglichkeit und steigert die Leistungsfähigkeit. These small spikey massage balls are used to release tight, uncomfortable m uscles and can help to release toxins and improve circulation.

8 Massage Ball Exercises That Can Put Massage Therapists Out of Business

Available in two sizes according to preference. Often used in pairs but sold singly with one in each hand, under each foot or to provide balance when placed either side of the spine, or under the buttocks. O of the ball is equipped with the Anti-Burst Birthing system and up to kg against burst safe. Made of eco-friendly, skin-friendly material in first-class verarbeitung. Can also be used for your pregnancy exercises this ball can be a ideal choice o a pictorial Poster shows some of the the various Übungsanwendungen, the you practice with this training device enabled o back problems?

Standard sandsäck.


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